Your dharma is your spiritual work in the world. It is your purpose. Although we have infinite purposes, your dharma is the thing that you do that helps you evolve and heal while serving others along the way. It said that when we do our dharma,  we experience fulfillment on a soul level. I absolutely have experienced this and continue to all the time.

Here are 5 Ways to Discover Your Dharma

#1 Listen To Your Intuitive Impulses

You feel an impulse to do a certain thing that will help others. Even after time goes on, that desire does not go away. Know that even if you have not always listened to your intuition, you can learn how to tune into the subtle ways your mind, body and emotions are communicating with you about what path of service is most aligned for you.


#2 It’s Not Just About Feeling Good

When you tune into your ideal path of service or work in the world, you feel amazing and sometimes doing this thing makes you feel empty. Know that feeling good is the good karma and the emptiness is good too. Feeling good is not the only way to get guidance. Do not be fooled chasing the feel good feelings alone.


#3 Know That Love Can Guide You

You feel compassion as a result of doing your dharma. It opens your heart to love bigger. When you are overwhelmed with love and awe, you know you are on track. We are all worthy of love and power of God / Goddess/ All That Is is availabel for all of us. Asking what love would do is a great way to get guidance on your most amazing soul ceneterd path of service.

#4 Expect Resistance

Often your dharma is the thing that you actually need to grow. As a human, you will be slightly scared of the unknown and you will contract around wnat is unfamiliar. This resistance does not mean that you are not on track. It is a sign that something wants to clear or be revealed that has not yet been seen and acknowledged. Be willing to be uncomfortable as you lean into new possibilities.


#5 Ask For Support

Work with a community or a mentor you feel gets you. See that she or he or they are doing the thing that you are wondering if you could do. Notice if you feel inspired and uplifted and seen through the presence of your support people. Lean in. Be brutally honest with yourself about this. Be willing to be vulnerable and ask for what you need and want even if you voice shakes and your tears flow. Vlunerability is powerful and you do not need to walk the path alone.


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