Offerings 2018 – 2019

Self Mastery Training

Self Mastery Training is an activation of the embodiment of your Higher Self as love within your body in order to be an instrument of healing for our world.

How We Train

The first step is awareness. Awareness is key to unlocking the gates to read energy.  Reading energy is key to be able to access your soul’s guidance. Once the soul’s guidance arises, being willing to act on that guidance is your next test. As your outer life becomes directly guided by your inner life, evolution is quick and you learn how to direct energy for the sake of healing, empowerment, freedom. This is natural but you have not been taught or shown how from elders or school. The days of indoctrination is extinct. It is time to transcend / embrace victim mindset and empower healing for our world.. Self Mastery Training is the map to create sustainability for yourself and others with wisdom and compassion in action.


Are you a….

  • healer
  • empath
  • conscious leader
  • highly sensitive person
  • someone who is here to make the world a better place
  • spiritual being called to help WAKE Up the world
  • someone seeking to learn about energy awareness


If you answered YES to any of the above questions….You are invited to apply for next training – Fall 2018.


Abigail Hinds, Womb Healer
Berkeley, California

In this training, access your unique Jedi powers, in order to….

  • Get beyond ego/personal identity to be a vessel for sacred service
  • Access your sensational awareness body to help quiet the mind
  • Raise your vibration without emotionally bypassing
  • Have strong boundaries without putting up walls
  • Discover your inner meridian pathways to heal yourself
  • Direct energy to recharge your field and end exhaustion
  • Manifest your deep desires in alignment with your soul’s calling
  • Access your intuition and get guidance on anything in your life
  • Learn how to balance your energy at will
  • Discover what it takes for you to trust yourself and others
  • Quickly access Unconditional Love for self and others
  • Transform energy, thoughts and feelings at will – without bypassing
  • Co-Create the life your soul wants in order to evolve
  • Live life on purpose and how to inspire others to do the same

Meeting Dates. Autumn 2018

9/11/18 Connect with Gaia

9/18/18 Decode Stories

9/25/18 Awaken Self

Week of 10/2/18 small group call w Coaches

10/9/18 Clear Energy

10/16/18 Gateway of Now

10/23/18 Higher Self Empowerment

Week of 10/30 small group call with Coaches


Week of 11/5 small group call with coaches

11/12/18 Receiving Training

11/19/18 Abundance Activation

11/26/ Standing People

Week of 12/3/18 small group calls with coaches

12/10/18  Surrender and Trust

12/17/18 Closing Session

Remote + Live Sessions

2 virtual ZOOM classes per month. Every other week.

1 small group ZOOM class per month

3 PHONE or ZOOM private sessions a month

LIVE retreat Santa Cruz mountains October 2018

Does this training speak to you?

If so, let’s connect.