“Narayani –  You have achieved mastery through continued practice and sheer hard work. We are all truly gifted but unless it is nurtured and honoured and cultivated it cannot be mastered to be able to be of authentic service.

Thank you so much for your dedication to mastery as in doing so I am now able to see it’s reflection in me. I can see that this hard work and dedication that I have been applying to my journey is so that I can also achieve the mastery I require to be of genuine and authentic service to the universe at this time.I feel like I may actually be able to embrace my power instead of being so fearful of it.”

-Jeanette Crisafi


“I have been working with Narayani for several months now. I cannot BELIEVE the changes I am going through as a result!

My intuition has spiked, my soul feels empowered and connected to the Universe, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, where before there was only darkness.

Narayani is a warm, colorful, but no-nonsense person who will drag you out of your shell and guide you gently, but firmly, on your path, wherever you may be going.  I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be working with such a lovely lady!”

– Laura Evnin

“Narayani is as authentic as they come. In continuing to work with her, I have come to know and trust that she has my best interest at heart. She is compassionate but also knows when I need a loving push to be the best I can be, that I am worthy of it, and that the planet needs me to do so.

There is no end to the progress; I continue to learn and grow, with the ever-increasing coming to know that not only do I have the capability but the desire to be the best person I can be, for myself and all of humanity.

Narayani not only teaches actively but also teaches through her choices and way of living; she leads by example. And trusts that all of her students have unending potential.

She doesn’t have all the answers; she teaches us to find them within our own selves by listening to every cell in our bodies, taking responsibility, and transforming old beliefs to make room for new ones. She encourages self-inquiry and helps us to develop our capacity to self-source so that we may become aware of our infinite choices and do what we are meant to do while here on this planet. She doesn’t hand us the fish; she teaches us how to.

I have never felt more empowered in my entire life.” – Teresa Bell

“I am half-way through the learning & applying the keys .. (with Narayani) I’m thoroughly and deeply enjoying Narayani’s coaching, wisdom and passion for supporting client’s to clarify their own power for success. She’s a catalyst for leveraging my own professional business development.

I’m a retired California mediation attorney who is currently building my Dream Coach (living your dream life personal coaching) practice. I’ve never worked with another professional who has skills similar to Narayani. I was skeptical yet drawn to work with her.

I’m so glad I stepped up to hire her because Narayani’s intuitive knowledge is just what I needed in this phase of my business development and solidifying my personal core of ‘truths.’”

-Leslie Olson – Professional Life Coach

“Narayani is, in my experience, an amazing intuitive healer and skillful facilitator. She has a nack for tuning into a group and feeling where the potential energy is and where it can go. She gracefully leads with joy, passion, energy and patience to all levels and is a powerful knowledgeable woman.

I love taking workshops and classes with her. I always feel transported and transformed by the work and by the wisdom she channels. Through her council I have moved significantly into more empowered and embodied experience.”

-Marya Stark

“I have been doing spiritual work for the last 30 years and have healed a lot of old stories already, but working with N. and the themes I was able to go down to the very bottom of less self confidence, less self love, trust issues and more; and let go and clear!

I had so many enlightening experiences through 12 weeks of working with Narayani.  I dare say, I did forward a real big step in consciousness.

Beeing supported through the group visioning calls every week, the play sheets, the beautiful meditations, and the private sessions with N. gave me a feeling of WORTHINESS.

I am now prepared and  happy to take up a business as a life coach myself. To work with the 12 themes has and is still changing my life to the very best.

ThANK You Narayani!”

-Elisabeth from Austria

” (Working with the 12 themes)  pushed me far past my limits, something I could not have done on my own. I learned so much about myself, healed several childhood issues that I didn’t even know were unresolved and learned how to change my state of being at will. The teachings Narayani presents are so in-depth, you could spend a lifetime exploring each one.

I am truly a different person than when I started this, and my external life is already reflecting that. You will not regret making the commitment”  

Morgan Dollar

“I have been working with Narayani for several months now and my life has completely transformed. As an empath, I have struggled my entire life to embrace it.

I have read and tried everything that’s out there to stay in my own energy, none of which worked and left me feeling like a failure. Working through the Activate program has been a gift I have waited my entire life for. I am no longer a prisoner to my natural state, for the first time in my life

I am actually empowered by gifts and am grateful for all of them. I now have freedom in my life in ways that I never could have imagined.”

-Carol Beaver Hicks