CLASS #6: Empowerment


Sitting Practice: Once running other themes, bring awareness of thought that your soul is choosing past, present and future reality through the laws of vibration and through actions you have chosen to take.

Print all playsheets and bring fresh to retreat.

Writing Practice Fill out this week’s theme Playsheet

Book Study: Get your hands on Soul of Money, by Lynn Twist :: Bring on retreat

Our Live Class Replay

Empowered Awareness Tip 

This session is about


Notice when you feel victimized by a situation or person or feeling. Remember you have chosen this experience and perception.


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⭐️ What is your takeaway from class?

⭐️ Where do you feel like you are in victim mindset in your life?

⭐️ Whats possible if you can break a specific story of being a victim (be as specific as possible)


  1. Julie Barros

    *What was my takeaway from class..I re watched our group session last week and I felt inspired by our beautiful group. We all have our different views of empowerment and what it means in our individual lives and how we incorporate our empowerment into those lives. But the process of becoming empowered is the same for all of us no matter what our individual thoughts/goals are. I had to sit in presence with this one for a few days. But after doing the meditation a handful of times…BAM!

    * Where do I feel like I am in victim mindset in my life? Narayani helped me to see that I was being given advice from a friend that I did not ask advice from, and I in turn went into defensive mode and tried to justify my feelings. I do this often in my life. I have friends that believe they know what’s best for me even if they mean it in the purest form of wanting to protect me…I DIDN’T ASK FOR THEIR OPINION OR ADVICE and I certainly don’t have to justify my feeling or intentions as if I have done something wrong. I can not tell you how freeing and empowering it feels to finally understand that I am not responsible for other peoples feelings of what they believe is best for me nor do I have to be a victim of their opinions. That my dears is very empowering to me!!

    *What’s possible if I can break a specific story of being a victim? A strong sense of my own self worth. Life, love, happiness, new beginnings, self growth, bad ass empowered Jules that doesn’t have to justify and just needs to live her life. Just typing this out gives me chills on how fantastic this feels.

    • Awakened

      Thank you Jules. I feel you getting breakthroughs on deep level about how youa re choosing to be.

      LOVE THIS!
      A strong sense of my own self worth. Life, love, happiness, new beginnings, self growth, bad ass empowered Jules that doesn’t have to justify and just needs to live her life

  2. Tanya H. Ridino

    Loved reading your shares laura lee and Noelle. Noelle, i absolutely believe in you! Laura lee, my goodness. Intense. Thank you for sharing and showing us what is possible.

    For me…. i’m still sitting a lot with presence in my heart. That week was a pretty big jolt for me and i’m grateful for the week of integration to allow me more time to just be where i am. I am more frequently present with myself the days, allowing myself this process and these meditations. More frequently present with my almost 5yr old…. and more aware of how little time i get with my sweetie. Feeling strongly into the desire to leave, and start anew with another man, and hurting immensely with the guilt of hurting someone i love and the fear and pain of losing someone pretty fricking awesome. Some messages are coming around the whole topic but not enough clarity or courage to make any changes right now.

    I am most frequently in victim mindset when it comes simply to how little time i have in my life for myself, and when i have been led through my life from the place of pain of abandonment and battle through my childhood.

    When i remember to be empowered in the choice of time though the day, i can choose to accept where i am a working single momma with the ability to play volleyball over a week and try to squeeze in a yoga class or dance. And i can choose to wake up earlier or pay more babysitters for more me time. I’ve been choosing to luxuriate in my lovely backyard more frequently and using the hot tub again more at night. Ahhhhhh.

    I’m more at peace in my work, feel gratitude for the big heart i bring to parents in real need of help, and can set real limits on clients i choose and call in more higher paying meditation clients, etc.. and so it is!

    • Awakened

      Hey love.

      Thank you for sharing so transparently. I love your vulnerable heart!

      I noticed about you spoke about choosing into the future. Please make sure to review the meditation and activation playsheets around choosing in the now. Empowerment theme is mostly about remembering the TRUTH of NOW that you have chosen everything you have experienced in a SOUL LEVEL via your Higher Self and now that you are aware of this. you are AWARE that you can choose everything. Don’t future trip when you are at a choose point. Frop into NOW and all will be gracefully revealed to you. You got this.

      In the moment when you stop and breathe during your day:

      Ground and breathe and smile into your heart.
      Focus on 8 inches above your head
      Remember you have chosen via your higher self all you have experienced
      And in this moment you have the FREEDOM to choose the future.

      Hope this helps darling Harmony. Feels like an important piece. To simply recogize. IN THE MOMENT Slow down time and get access to create SPACE in your life by being PRESENT to the TRUTH that you have chosen everything and you can continue to ….

      Make sense?

  3. Laura Lee

    My takeaway…fully exposed! Whew, although I have felt like have the awareness that I am responsible for everything in my life, coming from the question, “Where do I give my power away?” This lesson was a huge eye opener and honestly has taken me a couple of days in meditations and living my life to start to truly grab a hold of how pathetic I am at dolling out my power jut about everyone and everything. I’ve seen myself as powerful, however embracing/seeing each and every one of my complaints as choosing victim-hood, is a game changer for me. Deeply personal and like Holy F$#K, who am I and WHAAAAAT am I choosing?! I see my energy change during the day with each moments gifts, some that are wrapped in sandpaper and then as I am witnessing my responses…WTF?!! Realization: I’ve done amazing shit being 30% in, what’s possible when I am willing to give the other 70%?! Today, I’m no longer mad or sad, I choose to be EMPOWERED!
    Oh and when Naranyani said, “Know your yes’s and Know your No’s…(another WTF moment for me) I saw myself on the replay from last week, hand half up half down, and she called me out on it…Dah, it’s like I was in a bad cell area and the message just came through. Yes, I’m laughing at myself. And, in my humor can see that my future (OUR future) is so powerful and promising when I’m/we’re awakened like this. the reminder to stay in my energy field…such a powerful theme for me.
    Thank you everyone, your vulnerability is inspiring and I’m so grateful for this group!!

    • Awakened

      Wow Laura Lee. You made me cry on this one. Thank you. I truly feel you.

  4. Noelle

    ⭐️ What is your takeaway from class?

    Class this week was full of breakthroughs all around. Everyone seemed in powered and connected. I loved hearing everyone’s definition of being in your power!

    ⭐️ Where do you feel like you are in victim mindset in your life?

    With money….money, money,money. I raise my child on my own, really on my own. Her Dad has been out of the picture since she was 4, she is now turning 18 in two weeks. In fact, you will all spend her birthday with her on retreat! That being said, given the circumstances I am always struggling to make ends meet. I have never experienced a savings account, nor an abundance of financial flow. I am always at the mercy of my next paycheck and often borrowing to put “food on the table”. Prior to having my child I was pretty responsible with my finances. I think after getting my first taste of debt, I gave up on being in control and power with my financial flow. I would make art sales from a victim mindset. Meaning I would desperately plea to friends and family to buy artwork in exchange for rent, groceries and gas. It never occurred to me that my artwork is of value and to allow the right buyers to come into my life at their will. In other words I have been creating and making with the family and friends in mind, (victim mindset artist), blocking authenticity and Divine creative flow. I have also chosen to teach art as a stable side job, without questioning the quality of life involved. I would say this was a choice also originating from the victim mindset. If I were in power, I would have either asked for my paycheck to reflect my value or left the job entirely (I just did).

    ⭐️ What’s possible if you can break a specific story of being a victim (be as specific as possible)

    If I can break the story of being a single mama, to an empowered woman. I believe my artwork and textile design business will come alive, like the roller skating goddesses from Xanadu 😉 I will be able to experience working and creating with intention and flow. My artwork and design work will flourish and create financial abundance by appreciation of the humans that it most deeply speaks to. They are out there, and work to meet them simply requires the ability to create from an empowered mindset!

    • Awakened

      ” If I can break the story of being a single mama, to an empowered woman. I believe my artwork and textile design business will come alive, like the roller skating goddesses from Xanadu”

      LOVE THAT Neolee. I can hear the 70s music and see her hair blowing in the wind!!!

      I see you in new expression of yourself – An empowered magical artist in love with life


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