CLASS #4: Clearing


Embodied Mindfulness Practice

Work to clear your energy with each of 4 elements

  • Have intentional shower or bath (If possible, get in rain, river, waterfall or ocean)
  • Do Qi Gong clearing breaths/practice
  • Do fire ceremony and let go of that way
  • Do toning or chanting to clear

Sitting Practice

  • Listen to meditation
  • Do Playsheet
  • Run themes on your intention and once you get to clearing. Breathe and clear anything in your field that is in the way of of light of unconditional love beholding all aspects of your stories

    Our Live Class Replay

    7 Days + What to Expect

    Controlling Yourself

    Clearing  Practices Demo

    Share with your buddy

    This session is about you exploring…

    • Connection with buddy
    • Share your cleanse commitment
    • Share what stories about your life you are rewriting. What beliefs you are letting go of.



    TAKE 5 minutes to Share on this page

    What is your takeaway from class?

    What is your cleanse food/ lifestyle commitment?

    Whats possible on the other side of clearing your issues?


    1. Tanya Harmony Ridino

      And HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA LEE!!! I’m so happy to hear about the powerful cleansing you’ve already brought into your life, and the usefulness on the clearing tools, every day… thanks for reaching out to me and i’ll text you today. Cheers!

    2. Tanya Harmony Ridino

      Ahhhhh, I really appreciate the controlling yourself and clearing demo practices videos above. Awesome. I had been sporadically implementing a sage practice after work to clear my energy and ensure the trauma that comes at me in my legal practice doesn’t make its way to my family and my home! And don’t find myself doing it as frequently as i would like. I’m grateful for the various other techniques and the offering of water, a shower, a change of clothes. The intention behind this practice. It is good. Thank you. As for cleansing, I’ve chosen to take sugar out of my diet, primarily because it has become a bit of a battle with my son and i’m grateful to demonstrate to him reading labels and helping him discover all the billions of food items sugar is put into. I played in a competitive beach volleyball tournament yesterday so i knew i was not going to want to do a food cleanse before or during, but i also ate very simply this past week and was preparing myself to do only fruit and juices today and one day of the master cleanse tomorrow. Tuesday i’ll do juices only again to finish my mini three day food cleanse. Grateful for the support and inspiration.

    3. Julie Barros

      Love this week as well!! For my cleanse I have committed to not eating red meat. I am eating minimal fruits lots of veggies, fish and shellfish. I am a carnivore at heart so this is a good cleanse for me, I’m feeling great and not weighed down which feels fantastic!
      I also let go of some old letters that I found while purging the house from my ex husband. I took Noelle’s advice during class and went outside and burned them and allowed the universe to absorb them. I know my memories are in my heart and I don’t need the tangibles to honor my feelings. Let that shit go!
      I also read on the group page that Narayani suggested a story. So I called my mom regarding my oldest brother who we have been helping out for years in many ways. It was a well needed conversation about letting go of guilt with loving intentions. It was a load off and needed conversation for both of us.
      What I am hoping for from this cleanse is a lighter peep in my step Julie. What is possible for me…a very happy, peaceful next chapter of life and that excites me beyond words. I see new beginnings, love, personal growth and warmth.

      • Awakened

        Julie!!! I love this. Way to show up and get clear and focused. Proud of you .,

    4. Noelle

      What is your takeaway from class?

      The class was very intense! I mean this in a good way. The process of going through the themes and then working with the clearing actions was so powerful within a group.

      What is your cleanse food/ lifestyle commitment?

      I am in a really stressful situation at the moment and feeling completely overwhelmed. I’m just coming off of a Whole 30 cleanse, so considering the stress, I have decided to stick with a food cleanse that is manageable. A manageable and meaningful food related cleanse for me at this point is to fast from eating meat and animal protein. This is something that I have been ready to let go of but have just needed the incentive to go forth. So be it, I release my intake of meat protein this week and possibly forever. On a mental level, I am cleansing from saying yes when I mean no. This is a really big issue for me. I often commit to things that my heart is not actually behind. Or that do not offer an equal exchange of time and money. This week I gave notice at my teaching position, meaning I let the school know that I would not be returning in the Fall. I shocked myself in doing this and I have to admit, lots of tears followed. But the truth is that I spend 75% of my week teaching and the exchange doesn’t even cover ⅓ of my expenses. Getting clear on the financial aspect of my life has been a major theme for me this week. I made a decision to move back to my hometown as a moment of respite while my daughter enters her first year of college. Admitting that I am not surviving financially in Santa Cruz was a major issue that I have been avoiding for a long time. Just trekking along here in paradise, barely making ends meet, giving my daughter a better childhood than I had, and eventually digging myself into a major hole of financial debt. So I am letting it go, ready to accept that what comes next is not certain but will at least bring me peace and balance. This is in alignment with clearing I do believe. As this week I am learning to release myself from living under circumstances that equate poverty. I am not surviving in Santa Cruz as it is, so with love and much sadness, I am learning to let my life here for now. In a way, my cleanse this week is more of a combination of clearing out parts of my life that are holding me down and creating open space for my own business and lifestyle of choice to come through.

      Whats possible on the other side of clearing your issues?

      Freedom. Living in alignment with my natural essence and flow.

      • Awakened

        Noelle. WOW. this is huge. I love your courage to leap and quit the job. I also am excited to do money coaching for you and support you to live WHERE-EVER you want making as much money as you are ready to make come fall.

        It is possible and is your birthright to step into fulfillment on all levels.

    5. Laura Lee

      I loved this class! I am constantly needing to clear and LET THE SHIT GO!! I’m really seeing that I allow myself (as an empath) to be way to sticky…I allow myself to be WAAAY to affected by others. By “sticky” I mean that I allow their words, actions, and behaviors to stick to me in unhealthy ways and as I’m sitting in the homework this morning I’m reminded of the power that Narayani speaks of, that I have, that we all have within us to CLEAR the proverbial clutter and make room for our deepest desires to come forth and birth anew.
      I had started a cleanse before I knew that we were doing one together. I wanted to make some big changes as I approach my 54th birthday, which is tomorrow. My goal is what I call aging backwards. I started this last month. I began with changing up my vitamin regimen, implementing essential oils, changed up my moisturizers and make up, I even changed my toothpaste and stopped using Floride. I’ve spent 4 days on bone broth twice now, drinking Sam’s Firewater off an on as a cleanse in itself. I eat super clean, no wheat, no processed foods, no sugar, no dairy, no soy, no eggs. What I’d like to give up this week is being sticky…I’d like to be present to the fact that I can CLEAR or what I like to say is that I can RESET, RELOAD, and REFIRE as many times as I need to and whatever that looks like for me is ENOUGH!! This weeks clearing techniques are really giving me a boost! As I catch myself, I go to Narayani’s videos:) Thank you Narayani!!!
      What’s possible for me…rebirth, romance, love, renewal, a vibrant radiant being, growth, new business, abundance in my finances, travel, harmony in my home, new people, a calm sense of knowing that I am enough and that I am well within my soul!! Shit, there’s really no stopping me!!!

      • Awakened

        YESSSS!!! Letting go of stickiness. Do you know what the root of that is? Find that with the other themes and love yourself for it. (as you may already be doing)

        Thanks for sharing and your dedication and commitment dear.



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