CLASS #4: Clearing


Embodied Mindfulness Practice

Work to clear your energy with each of 4 elements

  • Have intentional shower or bath (If possible, get in rain, river, waterfall or ocean)
  • Do Qi Gong clearing breaths/practice
  • Do fire ceremony and let go of that way
  • Do toning or chanting to clear

Sitting Practice

  • Listen to meditation
  • Do Playsheet
  • Run themes on your intention and once you get to clearing. Breathe and clear anything in your field that is in the way of of light of unconditional love beholding all aspects of your stories

    Our Live Class Replay

    7 Days + What to Expect

    Controlling Yourself

    Clearing  Practices Demo

    Share with your buddy

    This session is about you exploring…

    • Connection with buddy
    • Share your cleanse commitment
    • Share what stories about your life you are rewriting. What beliefs you are letting go of.



    TAKE 5 minutes to Share on this page

    What is your takeaway from class?

    What is your cleanse food/ lifestyle commitment?

    Whats possible on the other side of clearing your issues?



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