CLASS #12: Trust

TRUST Practice Homework


Sitting Practice

Run themes and when you get to trust, breathe and let go. Know you have done your inner work to change a pattern, create your future and be who you are here to be. Surrender and commit to trust yourself and trust the universe to guide, support and bless your life.

Embodied Mindfulness Practice

Notice when you do NOT trust and listen to your heart and body for guidance. Choose to trust your inner guidance. Be honest.

Trade Healing Session with your buddy

  • See what comes up for you before session
  • Take notes and share on this page after about your experience

Do Playsheet (see below) and Practice Meditation

Your Resources


(to help with sleep and rest)


This session is about

Doing your part (inner work) and then letting go. 



I trust the Universe (including myself) to provide everything I want and need to experience authentic fulfillment within my very own being for the benefit of all – now.

Ask Yourself

What needs to shift for me to trust myself?

TAKE 5 minutes to share on this page

⭐️ What guidance did you get from today’s session

⭐️What is in the way of trusting? 

⭐️What is on the other side if you COULD trust in a new way? What is possible?


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