CLASS #11: Balance

Practice Homework


Embodied Mindfulness

  • Practice Choose balancing foods.
  • Walk the middle path.
  • Notice color
  • Ask yourself what you need to stay in balance each day.

Sitting Practice

Run themes and when you get to balance, ask what you need to do to stay in balance between where you are and where you are going.

Do Playsheet (see below)

Practice Meditation

Set up session with your mentor or Narayani

Balance THEME

This session is about

The space between here and there. Above and below. What is possible and what is true now.



I am a rainbow bridge between heaven and earth in harmony with The Divine Mother and Father within my very own being. Now.

Ask Yourself

What can I do right now to stay in balance?

TAKE 5 minutes to share on this page

⭐️ What guidance did you get from running the themes in class?

⭐️What part of your life’s vision are you committed to? 

⭐️Any other insights?


  1. Noelle

    Hello! It’s been tooooo long. My intention when I first started this course was to create financial flow through my artwork and regain self-confidence in doing so. I have to say that this far into the course my intention has expanded and taken on other shapes and forms. Steps have been taken to release patterns and circumstances that kept me away from my art career (ex. I left a teaching job that was wiping out my well being and energy without proper compensation). So that was a step….but where am I now? Well, a bit lost. I find that I am still pushing energy onto teaching workshops (which is doing so-so) as a form of financial stability but teaching is just not where my heart is at. I loved this session because it reminded me to come back to that place of clear intention. Just as Harmony put it in this sesh, when you are confused it’s hard to manifest your intention. So here I am, revisiting my intention and concentrating on cultivation of my dream. Awesome! See you all tonight. Xoxo!

    • Awakened

      Lets do a private and make a plan for you. You are abundant!!!

  2. Julie

    When class ended I took 5 min to write about my meditation and here’s what I wrote.
    I saw myself looking at a mirror image of myself. Two people that were one but on seperate sides. One was shaking their finger at the other as to say, “Don’t stop yourself-allow it to happen and do not be affraid of your gifts”

    As for the playsheet and balance, I’m balanced in most areas of my life other than I am spread thin with friends wanting Julie time and I need to be sure I take time to exercise more now that I’m settling in

    • Awakened

      Thank you for sharing Julie. I have some feedback fo ryou.


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