Practice Homework


Embodied Mindfulness: Practice giving more than usual to people in your life. Give from the mindset you are overflowing.

Sitting Practice: Run themes and when you get to generosity, imagine you are overflowing and then imagine how you can give generously in the world in the future as you overflow with life force.

Do Playsheet (see below)

Practice Meditation

Set up session with your Buddy and share about running themes on generosity.



This session is about

Being in the flow!  


The more you can fill up with abundant positive energy, the easier it is to be generous with the world and choose to see the world as a place of abundance. Staying in the mindset of creating flow enables you to experience positive energy in your personal life and ultimately the entire universe.

This module prepares you to be generous with your talents so you can create your dreams with ease and grace. As you bless others, you create good karma for yourself and for the planet.

The world is an abundant flow of energy available to you when you choose to get in the flow of receiving and giving generously.


TAKE 5 minutes to share on this page

⭐️ What is your intention for this session?

⭐️Where is generosity challenging for you?

⭐️How did your family dynamics teach you about giving?


  1. Harmony Ridino

    Grateful grateful grateful for all i have in my life and this beautiful sisterhood of humans. I’m still feeling pretty maxed out, but i also know i’m pretty near my walking on sunshine… running the themes is beautiful and if nothing else, i’m so grateful for the opportunity i’m giving myself to meditate more often and be with my energy. I’m contemplating a pretty big work shift. . . Potentially following a real estate women i respect a lot and leaving the stress of private legal practice. . . And after meditation asked my cards and pulled “the source.” Yes of course, when i am grounded, centered, i can be sourced by the ever present ever giving pulsating abundance and nourishment. I can create anything. “Then the source will decide where your potential is. You can relax at the source, and it will take you to your very potential.” I love it.

    • Awakened

      Hi love. Yay for running themes and finding magic and sunshine !

      The desire to go do something easy and follow a promise at the edge of a breakthrough is normal. You just set up your beautiful practice. What was your vision for that? What is your vision for a private practice? My brother transitioned from community work to a private practice. Maybe you could talk to him as a lawyer.

      My suggest?

      Hold true to your vision – or even better find it before moving on!!

  2. Julie

    Funny how all of this works together….So I offered life coaching at no charge to a women who is going through a lot of change and after doing so..I picked up 2 new clients through my website. So I have 3 new clients this week. Absolutely amazing.

    Where is generosity challenging for me? In a few areas. Focusing in on friend’s and family and giving them full attention while we’re together has been a challenge for me. As I continue to settle in and the daily calls slow down this week I will continue to be aware and focus in on my conversations.

    • Awakened

      This is your time Julie !

    • Awakened

      You are a powerful manifestor..


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