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August – December 2018

Self Mastery Training

Self Mastery Training is an activation of the embodiment of your Higher Self as love within your body in order to be an instrument of healing for our world. Most Therapy works on a mental level. This work TEACHES YOU how to be your own therapist, healer and GURU by aligning your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. This unification of YOU is the gateway to freedom, joy and peace.

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Manifesting defined
Manifesting is actually a term used to create something out of nothing. It refers to the ability to bring something into form from simply a thought. This is not ACTUALLY WOO WOO. It is actually the basis of how life forms in this here dimension. Energy creates matter. Your thoughts create form. When we manifest, we are tuning into a deep desire to create something.

Let’s co-create our week together! FIRST MANIFESTING MONDAY! You are invited to come explore whats possible in your life


November 1st – 4th 2018 

This retreat is for people who are currently enrolled in Awakened Life School or have completed working with the 12 themed ACTIVATE system. For this event, we are at a beautiful Mountain Retreat Center. The cost of the all inclusive retreat is $999. Meals, Classes, Access to Hot Tub, Sauna, Plus Lodging all is included in this powerful event. Contact us if you want to join by SEPT 20 to reserve your spot.

Energy of Awakening Web Class

12 Sacred Keys to Self Mastery


We are in an urgent time. It is now possible to see the truth of how things are created from energy and a discover the way energy is opening up to help us create possibilities to heal ourselves, families, communities and Mother Earth. But it starts with you and it is time to step up.

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