MANIFEST is a LIVE interactive event at the beautiful Hotel Paradox in Santa Cruz California and YOU are invited!

Discover secrets of The Healer that everyone wants to know.

Join us to delight in the discovery of the energy within you so you can make every day count in 2019!

By participating in this event, expect to:

  • Connect with other soulful peeps
  • Access your own inner healing power
  • Find out what it takes to manifest sustainably
  • Learn secrets of energy healing practitioners

The Paradox is a beautiful Hotel 2 weeks from the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and beach. We are there all day Sunday. Hotel Paradox Site

Guests of our event have full day access to the all the hotel has to offer. Including pool. restaurant, lounges and hot tub.


By ATTENDING MANIFEST, you have the opportunity to:

  • Discover the messages your soul wants to express so you can walk in your power & access the wisdom that lives inside you.
  • Learn energy secrets all healing practitioners know
  • Change the way you show up in the world so you can make every day count

Self Mastery Training begins MARCH 11 2019

Self Mastery Training is an activation of the embodiment of your Higher Self as love within your body in order to be an instrument of healing for our world. Most Therapy works on a mental level. This work TEACHES YOU how to be your own therapist, healer and GURU by aligning your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. This unification of YOU is the gateway to freedom, joy and peace.

This training requires pre approval. Please apply to start a conversation about you joining us!

  • 3 Private Sessions per month
  • A team of mentors
  • 24 page Workbook + 12 meditations
  • 3 classes per month virtually LIVE
  • LIVE IN PERSON TRAINING May 9-11 Santa Cruz CA


In this training, access your unique Jedi powers, in order to….

  • Learn to quiet the (your) mind at will 
  • Raise your vibration without emotionally bypassing
  • Have strong boundaries without putting up wall
  • Discover your inner meridian pathways to heal yourself
  • Direct energy to recharge your field and end exhaustion
  • Manifest your deepest  desires in alignment with your soul’s calling
  • Access intuition & get guidance on anything in your life
  • Discover what it takes for you to trust yourself and others
  • Quickly access Unconditional Love for self and others
  • Choose  the life your soul wants in order to evolve
  • Live life on purpose and how to inspire others to do the same

4 Month Immersion

March 11 2019 – June 24 2019

Soul Manifesting Circle


You are invited….

You are seeking to share your magic with your community, integrate into your divine potential with all of your relationships and walk powerfully into your vision while honoring the natural and spiritual laws of our world,  Well I want you to know…

What you are seeking is seeking you.


But the days of the lone wolf are over, The collective desire to wake up is strong. People are hungry for truth, compassion and justice and the opportunity to do your unique part on the path of sacred service is needed more than ever.

You do not have to do it alone.

Soul Manifesting Circle is a monthly private group for awakening souls who want to ascend on the path and let go of wounds, traumas, pains from the past in order to co-create a magnificent future here on Mother Earth.  Each month we go deep into the energy of the soul and practice ways to align with the sacred guidance from the soul. We will meet online virtually and have an opportunity to connect and share about your path and how to best take action rooted in clarity, wisdom and empowerment.

Monthly Live Class Modules

Below is calendar for Private Group Sessions. New and Full Moons (2 sessions per month)

November 2018
Being a Soul in All Your Relationships

Communication, pleasure and pain, evolving together

December 2018
Soulful Leadership Visioning

Accessing emerging vision for planning and creating offerings

January 2019
Decoding Soul Desire

Working with the energy of personal and universal soul to access guidance

Manifesting defined
Manifesting is actually a term used to create something out of nothing. It refers to the ability to bring something into form from simply a thought. This is not ACTUALLY WOO WOO. It is actually the basis of how life forms in this here dimension. Energy creates matter. Your thoughts create form. When we manifest, we are tuning into a deep desire to create something.

Let’s co-create our week together!! You are invited to come explore whats possible in your life.  


May 9 – 12 2019 


This retreat is for people who are currently enrolled in Awakened Life School or have completed working with the 12 themed ACTIVATE system. For this event, we are at a beautiful Mountain Retreat Center. The cost of the all inclusive retreat is $999. Meals, Classes, Access to Hot Tub, Sauna, Plus Lodging all is included in this powerful event.