1. Anne Lakshmi Narayan

    I live here in MA and Wampanoag nation and am really aware of the day of mourning and march every Thanksgiving in Plymouth. Some day I hope the real history of US is taught and recognized, otherwise I do feel we delay our evolution as a humanity.

    • Awakened

      Thank you Anne. Yes, I join you in this prayer of collective evolution! May the truth be told!!!!

    • Allisone

      Hello SiStar… gratitude for you showing up here and now and sharing your Gifts. I didn’t realize you are so close to me here in VT!
      Thank you for being You. Light and Love today and all days.

Get loved.

Get loved.

In this day and age, many are awakening and it is happening fast. We need one another to show up, be honest, loving, truthful and to lift each other up,   The more people we can lift up, inspire and support people in awakening to their brilliance, the brighter our...

Alchemize Your Story & Be Free

Alchemize Your Story & Be Free

How are you showing up? How are you showing up for life? Are you dragging? Complaining? In pain? Or are you showing up with passion, conscious action, compassionate communication? Solutions? With kindness and support? Self Love? You know you always have choice...

The Moon Tonight

The Moon Tonight

There will be no moon tonight At least not for the naked eye to see.. Yet, wings revealed Fate is unsealed And that which was hidden is now seen   Same prayer One Heart All Heal Vision comes quick   Layers lifted, we go deep The heart loves The body wants...

Call to Visionaries

Event: Visionary Council Call Date: April 3 2020. Time: 12:30 pm PST (Time converter) If you want to participate, email a quick "YES PLEASE" NarayaniGaia@gmail.com

2020 Soul Sister Mastermind

Uplevel Circle for Visionary Women
Empowerment is the key to keeping your vibe high with your Business or Healing Practice. Being in presence with other path making women support you to gracefully claim your power a place of strength and confidence, clarity and vulnerable accountability.  There is no arriving. But when women are abundantly supported, we thrive…
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