Private Sessions with Narayani Gaia

Higher Self Channeling 

In this session, you have a chance to connect with your SPIRIT GUIDES, ANCESTORS ANGELS OR BABY SPIRITS that may be wanting to talk with you. This is great for anyone wanting a reading or who has specific questions for the spirit world. $295/hr 

Remote Healing 

This session is a clearing and balancing session to discover and heal the unconscious ancestral co-dependent patterns that may be running the show of your life. Essence Work is done without talking and then chat after and decode was done so you can digest and apply a new perspective moving forward. $295 /hr

Mentorship Exploration

If you are looking for a mentor on your path of healing and awakening, you are invited to have a private free chat with Narayani to see if it is a fit to work together. Programs and individualized and are 5- 6 months long to start.

I have been doing spiritual work for the last 30 years  and have healed a lot of old stories already, but working with N. and the themes I was able to go down to the very bottom of less self confidence, less self love , trust issues and more; and let go and clear!

I had so many enlightening experiences through 12 weeks of working with Narayani.  I dare say, I did forward a real big step in consciousness.

Beeing supported through the group visioning calls every week, the play sheets, the beautiful meditations, and the private sessions with N. gave me a feeling of WORTHINESS.

I am now prepared and  happy to take up a business as a life coach myself. To work with the 12 themes has and is still changing my life to the very best.

THANK You Narayani!

Elisabeth from Austria