Be seen and supported on your spiritual path…

The work of the awakening soul requires weaving together awareness of your energy so you can have the ability to ground, expand, receive, cleanse, be present, choose your life, love and also fly.

Learning to navigate these energies and the tests and lessons on the path can be challenging.  Whether you are seeking clearing or manifesting on your awakening journey, these sessions are designed to meet you where you are and support your transformation into manifesting the unique life you are called to live.

I work privately and I work with groups. Privately gives you MORE attention by giving you more time to share your story, receive feedback, healing and support while moving through life’s biggest obstacles on your path of awakening.

Remote Healing, Channeling, Mentorship Study are several of the ways I am offering my services privately in 2019. Follow the links below each offering to get the higher support that you are seeking. IT is an honor to serve you.

Your Awakening Journey.. 

We each get to find our own way through life. But we do not have to do it alone. The days of the LONE WOLF are OVER! I have found my greatest teachers on the path of awakening are the ones that point me to my very own self. No blaming others, no bypassing, no wishing it was different. I have been led back to my very own heart as the source of power and I am committed to doing the same for others.

This relationship is a way for you to be seen and held in your spiritual embodiment development. Accessing your guidance, having focus and navigating through sensitivities are all things you receive in mentorship training.

Private Sessions available in 2020

  • Private Mentorship: 6 months commitment (Phone interview series required)
  • Higher Self Channeling (1 session)
  • Spiritual Life Coaching (1 session)
  • Speaking Gigs (send me a note)
  • Essence Work (Remote energy healing)


Mentorship Exploration Consult

30 mins

I have been doing spiritual work for the last 30 years  and have healed a lot of old stories already, but working with N. and the themes I was able to go down to the very bottom of less self confidence, less self love , trust issues and more; and let go and clear!

I had so many enlightening experiences through 12 weeks of working with Narayani.  I dare say, I did forward a real big step in consciousness.

Beeing supported through the group visioning calls every week, the play sheets, the beautiful meditations, and the private sessions with N. gave me a feeling of WORTHINESS.

I am now prepared and  happy to take up a business as a life coach myself. To work with the 12 themes has and is still changing my life to the very best.

THANK You Narayani!

Elisabeth from Austria

Are you seeking private healing support? 

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