Spending money is NOT necessary to awaken.

But staying in judgment of money does not help you evolve. And separation of you and others and money and nature are examples of how the mindset of separation keeps people in suffering 

We know money does not cause happiness but manifesting and spending money is absolutely a way to help you integrate awakening and ground your inner alchemy. And sometimes, not spending is a way to help save energy. If you have been NOT spending in fear, then you may not have been calling in more or working to PLAN a more abundant future.

Money is energy. Your issues around money may be rooted in lack or in greed. or both.

When I was in my 20’s (long time ago) I was in LACK. Not having enough for rent, complaining about the broken system, feeling victimized and superior to the modern world. Having visions and having no way to ground or act on them

Over the last 25 years, I have gone deeper into the integration of my spiritual path, I gave up “The separating everything out” game. Instead,

I now play the abundance game.  Not because it makes me happy but because I get to say a prayer of abundant flow every time I spend. And THAT makes me happy

I LOVE spending money….

On ingredients and gifts for those I love.

For travel to see family.

For fresh organic food farmers markets.

Buying jewelry from artists with heart.

On my healers and coaches.

Donating to those in need.

On things that I want just because.

Fitness and Fun…

Spending money IS NOT about a broken system It IS about sharing energy. Where are you in this story?

I’d love to hear from you. (Please share below)

Are you..

  • Hoarding and / or disconnecting from money game?
  • Sharing energy with others?
  • Getting the support you want or do you just freeze and not act on your dream out of fear of wasting money?

Do you..

  • Work you hate while finding peace and love in other aspects of your life?
  • Feel being spiritual is separate from making money?
  • Do you think there is a limitation to money and resources?

Money is not evil.

When I feel stuck, I lean in. I invest, I create, I help someone. I give. I say YES and go for it. I choose to walk aT THE EDGE OF MY COMFORT ZONE and give MORE. I get quiet and I choose to act from a place of guidance beyond my mind.

Many people judge.

For charging.

For having a spiritual business,

For being a healer and naming yourself that.

Personally, I no longer believe in blame and shame game game.

Q: Do you feel shamed about money or having money? (Please share below)

2 Key Insights around changing Money Game.

  • If you choose to change  your money beliefs, you will be judged by those who agree to lay the lack game.
  • People will always judge others for those things people are not at peace with within themselves.

I have paid 1000s of dollars to train to be a massage therapist, yoga teacher, herbal student, doula, healer to heal trauma to go on retreats and live an organic lifestyle. I have been shamed but I will not quit. I decided NOT to separate myself from the world many years ago. Both giving money and charging for my business is how I choose to stay connected to the modern world.

I choose to get paid to share my gifts. Do you?

  • Are you sharing your gifts and getting paid to do what you love? (Share below)
  • Are you staying safe or willing to walk the edge of growth out the lies of separation and lack?
  • What is your money story and what is the edge for you?

To be clear, I am not a money coach. But I can say that in the healing of my past, I have experienced completely renouncing money and choosing to show up for LIFE and then choosing to have money. Life is a choice. Do you want to make money or not? Do you feel it is ok or possible? Share below 🙂 Please and Thank you.


I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this subject. 

What above speaks to you. Please share below.

💜Thank you💜