There are many struggles on the path of wanting to change the world.

I want to share with you today about my path emerging in leadership and also see if I can support you in 2020.

As one is who works to interrupt the patterns in mainstream thinking, my work is often uncomfortable. To be honest, living the path of a mentor for others comes with a lot of obstacles.  One obstacle is around the issues of being seen. The more I put my offerings out in the world, the more people I truly help BUT I also open myself up for people’s criticism.

For years I have taken time to pray, heal and move through grief, guilt, self-hate, and inner struggle in order to find the peace so I can be effective in my mission to change the world.   Apply for mentorship

If you identify with any of the following, you are stuck and your soul may be crying for help. Do you…

  • Feel stuck with your work in the world?
  • Have issues communicating clearly with people you love?
  • Feel out of sorts in this crazy mainstream world?
  • Feel dis-empowered by money issues?
  • Have a vision or sense of a vision but no idea how to get there?
  • Feeling like you are doing it alone?
  • Feel overwhelmed by the state of our world and cannot seem to find your own joy and passion to show up for life 100%?

Here is what is happening on a SPIRITUAL level…

You may be stuck on the roller coaster of karma playing out and your patterns of imbalances may actually be your soul’s cry for help. And having help is KEY to be able to step into your power and actually stand in action for others in these times that the world is crying for healing.

If the following are true for you, I invite you to consider mentorship

  • You feel quite powerless to change the world
  • You would like to find your path of sacred service
  • You want support in navigating through the confusion on your path ..
  • You know you are here to help shift the world at these times.