11 Hacks To Clear Bad Vibes

We are mutually responsible for what we are creating on Mother Earth right now. In addition to what we speak, how we serve, give, love and show up in the world,  we are each responsible for our own inner work and letting go of toxicity in order to create a better world today and into the future.

Are You Dumping Energy on People?

Where do you GO with that energy when you feel physical pain, overwhelming emotions, alone and separate or lack of vision and inspiration??

How do your PROCESS challenges?

Are you dumping energy on people?  We all want to talk about other people’s bad vibes but are you looking at your own bad vibes?

We all got em. 

We excrete, inhale, love, hate, let go. breathing in good and out “bad.”

What energy in you are you taking responsibility for today?

Good News

The good news is that you can heal. We all can. Whether it is a pain that is physical or you feel hurt or lost or confused.

You can clear the energy from you that is keeping you in pain. Check out the #11 Hacks to Clear those bad vibes –>


11 Hacks to Clear Bad Vibes

  1. Say a heartfelt prayer
  2. Sing a song to nature asking for help
  3. Make an offering in nature. Send intention through element and share. Water, herbs, tobacco. anything.
  4. Burn some sage herbs or incense with loving intentions.
  5. Write it out. Write out your feelings
  6.  Reach out and ASK for help
  7. Cry it out. Breathe. Repeat.
  8. Forgive Yourself.
  9. Thanks for the hard times, knowing hardship is a great teacher.
  10. Hydrate. Ideally, drink purified yummy and good water.
  11. All of the above

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