The path of healing our world is not just about you AND it is exactly about you.  It is up to each human to do their part to create a new world of equanimity where all feel equal and uplifted with the magic of life. In this world, we are equally worthy of love, joy and success.

As we evolve individually and collectively, a world of equality and freedom is possible. We are co-creators here for a short time on Mother Earth.

What are you going to do with this one precious life?

 In order to have freedom to create your unique life path in aligned awareness with your soul’s calling, it is crucial to learn how to let go of the patterns that keep you from feeling free to create the life your soul is longing to experience.

The biggest illusion humans walk with is that you are separate from the Universe. You were not taught how to mend the illusion of disconnections while growing up in school. You were not taught how to work with your energy bodies to change the world. If you were, life would be much different and we would all be committed to creating sustainable solutions for all of life on our beautiful planet. We would have our priorities in order.

When you learn practices to unify your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, you can do your part to help heal the world from the inside out. And the only way out of the mess we have gotten ourselves into, as a global community, is going deep into our wounds and out through to the other side. You can heal yourself and you can heal others. And you do not have to do it alone.

These days are challenging but you are READY for these times!!!

This guidebook will inspire you and prepare you to be able to handle anything life offers, stay focused and remember what is possible for our world.