Blessings to all who are honoring this day and beyond. To remember this great master in this time of light is a chance to call in love and pray for peace in this world . Within, in between and throughout.

To me, this time of year is about love. Within your heart is this the key to freedom. The days are getting longer in the northern hemisphere and it’s time of a celebration of the sun. Christ is an example to show us all of what we could be. My tribe is Jewish. But who I exist beyond this life and beyond this culture as does it for all of us. I am made of stardust, we all are.

The patriarchal religion and the bible is only half the story. And written by men. Where is the holiday of the feminine? Of course, it is in nature. It is in this world. It is in the birth of cycles. It is in the circle. And we are all part of the circle of life, no matter what we believe. All worthy of love. In my heart, all faiths all cultures all religions are family.

Enjoy this time and as we enter into the new moon eclipse tomorrow, it’s an opportunity to plant seeds for the next six months of love, celebration, family, healing, health, abundance and most of all peace in our beautiful world. Shalom. Amen. Ohan. Blessed be. We are one. Yes we are. Life is good. Make it good. Peace now. Love all, including yourself.