In this day and age, many are awakening and it is happening fast. We need one another to show up, be honest, loving, truthful and to lift each other up,
The more people we can lift up, inspire and support people in awakening to their brilliance, the brighter our world can be.
In a time when darkness is taking hold of people’s bodies and minds, we have the opportunity to inspire like never before, heal and create miracles in a good way.
Having people who can hold space and help you to grow, learn and heal on the deepest level is a precious gift. When you have partners and family members who get you and are committed to unconditional love, you are blessed. You can heal.
If you have community, mentors, teachers, lovers, friends, and any relationship that nourishes your soul, you can grow and thrive.
The environment you are in DIRECTLY affects your ability to manifest a new life, birth miracles and create actual changes in the world.And people make up that environment that supports you along the way.
Being understood, seen and loved is a crucial element of life’s path and if we allow ourselves to RECEIVE all that life has to offer, we get in a healthy flow.
Know you are an important part of the circle of life and the desires within your own being are rooted in the sacred desire to LIVE.
Life is the spiritual path. Choose relationships and agreements that nourish your soul.