I am on fire about WALLS and why we DO NOT need them…

There is a phenomenon in the world right now that says that we need walls to protect ourselves. HEALERS and EMPATHS always ask me that question too…How do I protect myself when I feel everyone  else’s energy?

You may have hard energetic boundaries (AKA walls) up for protection that you think you need to stay safe and strong. 

💜 Truth is : The thought that you need to protect yourself may be the very thing keeping you from connecting to your accessing something I am calling Energy Freedom.


It is your job the path of awakening is to remove those layers (or the GURU’s job / Creator’s …same thing)  The removal of these layers will support you to awaken to the Divine nature of who you are so you can feel free to go where you want, be yourself and live a most epic life without fear of “other people’s energy.”

When you do inner work, these layers of the onion start to un-peel and you are able to access the brilliance and clarity of who we are and why we are here. When grace comes in, guidance is clear, wisdom is awakened and with enough support and GROUNDING, you begin to have FREEDOM to go where where you want and connect with the world around you like never before 💜

The cosmic joke is that you do not need to protect yourself or put up walls to awaken!!! When you learn how to let down the walls, connect, be vulnerable and open to the essence of who you are and what your soul wants to express, intimacy with the outer world becomes a gift.

It’s your Divine right to feel Safe, Protected, Loved & Honored

Let go of the walls that keep you from accessing the energy within and let go of the thoughts that your have to hide or protect yourself in order to be free and happy.

💜If this speaks to you, join me 💜 

Breakthough Your Walls & Awaken to Energy Freedom

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