The Awakened Feminine is here.

She is you. You are her. Through her is the path of beauty way. She is rebirthing our world.

She is a soul on the path of embodied awakening.

She is confident and compassionate 

She chooses. She chooses to awaken through the perceptions of her feeling body. 

She is paying attention

She defines herself unapologetically by asking for what she wants and NOT crossing her own boundaries.

She listens.

She listens to herself. She listens to you.

She breathes with you.

She feels so deeply that even the whales and dolphins become her allies as she sings from the depth of her soul

She is you. She is me. She is the healed archetype of the feminine human soul.  She IS eternal – as is.

When we see her, we see ourselves.

Who we were, who we are, whom we can become. And it is in that becoming that life is always revealing. …..For those who know her.

To know her to is to know the future.

AND to know here is to know where you come from. For you, the future is revealed and your past recalled and you arrive so you can arrive in NOW  TIME. This moment is all you have.  She knows this.  We all do.

The Invitation

Will you courageously claim your Divine right to live in the moment. To breathe with her. To see her. To STOP thinking. And feel.  Feel all the way through. Through to the other side where you cannot hide, nor would you want to. Because THIS is where magic is born.

This moment becomes your home and magic is awake

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Most Therapy works on a mental level. This work teaches you HOW to be your own therapist, healer and GURU by aligning your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. This unification of YOU is the gateway to freedom, joy and peace in a grounded way.