Embodied Awakening Virtual Training

This Course Will Show You How To..

  • Have strong boundaries without putting up walls
  • Discover your inner meridian pathways to heal yourself
  • Direct energy to recharge your field and end exhaustion
  • Manifest deep desires in alignment with your soul’s calling
  • Access intuition and get guidance on anything in your life
  • Discover what it takes for you to trust yourself and others
  • Decode messages from your soul

Movement & Meditation


Strengthen Body & Soul

Sometimes it is easier to discipline ourselves when we have accountability and support. That is why I am offering this immersion in these times.

Whether you want to stay in shape or just stay connected with others that value being healthy and spiritually aligned, this experience is about EMBODYING your LIGHT and RAISING the VIBRATION of yourself and the world.

Join me for a 28 day immersion to exercise your body, mind and soul. Each day will be offering a unique practice as we build chi, community and strong immunity!

Experience Awakening…

While the attention span of most people seems to be shortening, there seems to be a loss of one’s ability to focus and be present with what is happening in the now, within and throughout.

In this event, you will learn HOW exactly to stay sane in the presence of the unrest of the world.  I’m excited to be able to share the Awakening Experience with you so you can receive support in your experience of waking up with clarity and focus.

In this series, I will be interview 14 speakers on this very special virtual conference called Global Awakening Experience and I’d love for you to be my guest so you can apply these teachings to your own life, right now.