I am writing my first book about the transformational practical spiritual work I have been doing since my intense awakening experience in 2002.

May it inspire you!!!
Here is a snippet from today’s writings

When you are continuously blaming others for your state of mind, your feelings or your life in general, it is called “Victim Consciousness.” This mindset is rooted in the absolute LIE that the cause of happiness exists outside of yourself. Once you learn how to transcend this lie and actually understand the laws of vibration and how to take responsibility for your life, everything changes.

Once you realize that happiness is an inside job, you activate freedom in any given moment to create different experiences in your life. It IS possible to end the BLAME GAME forever.

It is helpful to understand that on a spiritual level, your soul has its own sacred story. Your soul has its own Divine Blueprint. And your soul makes its own choices. When they feel good, choices are made in karmic reward. You make choices that feel good, that bring joy and vitality and you feel in alignment and love.

You are always making choices whether you are aware of it or not. Choices rooted in patterns of co-dependency and karmic imbalance often feel off and create suffering for self or others.. Once there is an understanding of the patterns of, these suffering choices, you bring the ability to choose to a conscious level. The choices that led to difficulty, suffering, and struggle actually all were part of your spiritual path. And now that you are aware of WHY you chose these things, you can change your life.

What will you choose to put your attention on today?