How are you showing up?

How are you showing up for life? Are you dragging? Complaining? In pain?

Or are you showing up with passion, conscious action, compassionate communication? Solutions? With kindness and support? Self Love?

You know you always have choice to change the stories in our lives by being present with TRUTH of what energy is running the show of your day.

Being the Witness

When you learn to activate the energy of witnessing, you can open up to spirit of presence. From this place, it is SAFE to look at yourself and acknowledge with awareness the truth of what is going on in any given moment within…


This prepares you to make a choice. And making choices is key to transforming victim mindset and heal things in your life from a subtle level. Once that happens, you can begin to connect with your life purpose, higher guidance and expanded state of living.

With choice, you begin to affect your life and are not just absorbing thoughts, energies and spirits blindly. You choose what comes in and out of your life.. Starting with your thoughts.


There is no judgement on your way of being when you look from eyes of NOW.

Here is a quick practice to Alchemize Your Story

  1. Ask yourself: How are you telling your story about your life right now?
  2. Ask yourself? Are you feeling uplifted, naturally grateful
  3. Take a moment and realize you are choosing your attitude.
  4. Breathe and feel that and let go.
  5. Now make a choice how you want to feel about your day
  6. Breathe and take a moment to lock in this awareness for about 17 seconds.
  7. Give thanks
Now…How do you want to SHOW UP IN THIS CRAZY WORLD? Please share below..

How are







Thank you for taking time to share!


  1. Allison

    Thank you, Narayani 💎

    Showing up in full truth and letting all the deception go. Owl reminds to have 360 degree perspective. Been charmed by luck all along and grateful to create a fresh start.

    • Awakened

      You are so positive Allison!!! Thanks for sharing here.

    • Julie

      I like knowing I chose my mood, my attitude and how I chose how I live each day. I’m grateful for everyday and give thanks many times throughout the day. I’m incredibly blessed as I begin my new journey.

      • Awakened

        You sound like a woman who knows freedom