Ancestral Healing Project

June 13 – 17 2020

Day 1: Connection + Setting Intention

Day 2 : Feeling Into It

You know the term, To feel is to heal. When we slow down enough to ask the body what it needs and what it wants, humans can consciously shift the way we move in relationship to life and to one another through the gate of your feeling body.

Our patterns and ways of being with one another are imprinted at an early age and are carried through codes in the DNA from our ancestors. As you know, when you look deeply into why you are the way you are, many patterns emerge that were formed way before you were born. Accessing that information is available in energy patterns through listening and noticing how you feel about people, places, and situations throughout your life.

Your feelings are a crucial way to uncover the magical design that makes up who you are. 


**Meditation Practice Support Link (use this or do your own)
**OPTIONAL: Write in Your journal

  1. How would it feel to be able to manifest your intention in 4 more days?
  2. When you are honest with yourself, where do you feel any resistance to this project?
  3. WHAT STORY of your ANCESTORS do you want to NOT carry on?
  4. Where do you feel that in your body and in your energy field?
  5. What happens when you go deeper?
  6. What are you afraid of?
  7. And where might that fear come from?
Share your insights with at least one person or hit reply-all to this email and share with us all!

DAY #3: Forgiveness & Compassion

Today you are being invited to focus on the theme of love and forgiveness. The way I like to practice love and forgiveness is through a process of integrating the awareness of loving unconditionally with that which is being asked to be LOVED and forgiven.  The alchemy of loving what is from within your very own heart is the process of healing that when done with sincerity can decongest any limiting beliefs humans are playing out with one another.
Once you can feel the energy of the patterns you have been playing out, you can enter into forgiveness and love without bypassing and heal. (To feel is to heal)

Read This

We are all learning about who we are and how we play out dynamics with one another and where our patterns come from. Here is an article to review if you would like to get clear on the patterns of victim and oppressor that you may or your ancestors may have been playing out or may have played out with your ancestors.

Watch Video

Journal Questions

Are you holding on to victim or oppressor mindsets?
  • How does that play out in your life?
  • Where have you played these roles?
As you get a sense of some of the feelings you have about stories and beliefs your family held onto or you may be holding onto.
  • Are there some particular stories that you would like to change?
  • What are they?
Tune into all the feelings, including emptiness or detachment, grief or anger and look at yourself honestly.
  • Breathe and open your compassionate heart space to the stories that come up.
  • Meditate, breathe and journal

DAY #4: Letting Go

Karma is an interesting thing. I recently heard a video from my Indian Guru that trying to trace where your karma comes from is like trying to trace the entire path of the life of a bird. You just can’t do it. But it does not mean that path does not exist.  In that way, we all have karma and our actions from the past create the present.  We have racial and ancestral karma. We have past life karma. I feel we are going through a collective purification of karma right now.

Today. I invite you to plant a seed to let go of the karma that you have been holding onto in your family line

To start, tune into your intention for this 5 Day Immersion. When you started this immersion, you made an intention. Intention is powerful. It can even heal cancer.  It is what you want to manifest. It is your prayer.

When you hold your intention to awaken and serve in a sacred way over time, you can heal your past, get guidance in the present, and manifest a new way of being and creating in the world.

I want to invite you to clear anything in the way of you manifesting that intention. Today, you are being invited to let go of any stories you are holding that may be in the way of you stepping forward to take action.

This may require you to suspend disbelief. Or giving your monkey mind a banana

It is going to take all of us to heal racism. As part of this project, you have been studying your family history, leaning in and connecting with your heart.To heal the past and move forward, we must be willing to let go and be open to a new way


What is in the way of you completing your goal tomorrow?

  • Are you too busy?
  • Is it too heavy to work with?
  • What do you feel?

Perhaps you feel confident that you will finish. You feel clear and on it.

Either way, I want to invite you to take a moment and do this meditation I made for you.


Here are a few suggestions to do your clearing ceremony. Integrate some of these or all of these elements or do your own

  • AIR: burn sage, cedar, sweetgrass or copal or other medicine you prefer.  Singing from your heart and speaking your intention are powerful ways to set the stage for your ceremony.
  • WATER: 1. Have a glass of water to pray into and then pour out as an offering. 2. Do a sacred bath ritual, clearing your cells. Try half baking soda and half sea salt to purify your field.
  • FIRE: Have a candle or fire present : you may choose to write out feelings and stories you want to clear and then burn them
  • EARTH: Cook some food (perhaps traditional recipe) and offer it to your ancestors.

REMEMBER TO GIVE THANKS when you are complete ( You can’t mess this up if you stay in love)

Please share your take aways below..



Things are speeding up on a consciousness level (we are in between Full and New moon and it is an eclipse window until summer solstice in a few days…
At this time, it is important to slow down in order to have your awareness catch up with your body.  Taking time to do a ceremony, meditate and do inquiry prepares you to manifest a better future rooted in peace. When you act from sacred inspiration that emerges from your slow done, you will be able to continue to choose from a place of communion and grace.

Thank you for committing to making the world a better place!!


Here is a meditation for today to support you to get guidance on how to move forward with taking a.stand to for racism.


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Day #5 Replay Call

Systematic Racism Milestones

By Rev Deborah L Johnson

Here is a document revealing the truth about the history of enslavement in United States. Knowledge is power. Stay informed. 

Systemic Racism Milestones in the USA 6.20