From Narayani Gaia

Over the past 20 years as professional healer, Narayani has and continues to be in personal transformation for the sake of serving others and awakening consciousness. Her studies as a meditator, hands on therapist, energy healer, workshop facilitator, coach and guide have prepared her for this time of great purification we are in now. It is an honor to serve and support this great shift of the ages.

Awakened Life School is a project Narayani created in order to support the consciousness shift that is happening in these times. Her vision is to see people of all ages unlearn the things that keep us in opposition, conflict, co-dependency and competition with each other. The world is abundant. There is enough. You are enough. And it is time to stand for everyone and see our entire planet healed and thriving. Awakening collectively makes life worth living and inspires us to build community, so we can do the work for collective evolution at this time.


I currently live amongst the redwoods of California and work both in person and remotely. I invite you to check out my personal offerings  and connect with me if you are called. Thank you.

Awakened Life School

Awakened Life School is an offering that is designed to support awakening integration, community building, healing for mother earth, co-creativity, personal and collective empowerment, awake leadership training and mentorship for healers and consciousness leaders.

Together, we now have an opportunity to learn life’s biggest lessons . These initiations are human initiations and are not limited by race, culture, gender and species of life. Learning Universal, Spiritual and Natural laws teach us how to decode stories of abuse, neglect, hate, violence, suffering and war into a new dream of peace, respect, kindness, compassion, abundance, empowerment, creativity and love. Awakened Life School supports those on the path on fire about global healing and transformation. Is that you?