Be Here Now

Happy FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE WINDOW – It is a great time to let go and prepare to dream a better life moving forward. Here is blog #2 as promised.

Slowing down to get present in what you are thinking or feeling allows you to access awareness to be able to make choices that nurture, heal and inspire.

If you feel you have cleared the past and are wanting to move forwrd with vision in your life but are not quite clear on naming your intentions or prayers, I invite you to take a few minutes to practice sitting and getting present to access template of a new possibility

The below steps are best done sequentially although each holds its own weight. I work with clients in this system and am offering a fall program where we work one step at a time together. See details here


5 Ways to GET. PRESENT.

1.  Ground and Connect
Connect with the Mother Earth. Send your awareness down into her when sitting or walking  (just not driving or flying) Know you are supported and breathe. Send a gratitude for all you have in your life and see the world connected through her.

2. Feel what you feel without judgement
Sit and track your feelings. What are you feeling in your body? What is the quality of energy and sense of emotions. Breath with it.

3. Bring awareness to the center of your chest and smile. Hold it.
This practice opens you to love like never before. It is an ancient yogic practice of self cultivation. When we can choose to feel love at will in any given moment, all healing is possible for our world.

4. Clear Your Energy
See yesterdays post (and add a dose of gratitude when you are done)

5. Sit in meditation
Focus on your inner eye. Observe your body. Witness your thoughts.

These ways of getting present work but if you do not practice, they do not. So take a moment away from your computer to breathe and activate presence so you can make clear decisions, calm your nervous system, be available for inner guidance and truly love others by meeting them where they are, here and now.