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Interested in deeper dive into Visioning?

I invite you to consider gifting yourself time to FEEL INTO THIS NEW CYCLE and MAP OUT 2020. I am here to support you.


January 5 2019

This is a VIP virtual Retreat day is for those of you who want to go deeper. This is a small intimate group with only 4 slots

Here are some things you can expect if you join this virtual retreat experience…
  • Tune in to where you feel out of sync with the world and your path.
  • Do practices to FLIP the story of failure and raise your frequency in harmony with your prayer and intention.
  • Cultivating Intuitive skills to support you to make quick decisions in 2020.
  • Find ways to WORD and NAME what you really want.
  • Receive feedback from a group of supportive and loving people.
  • Map out your vision month by month and see what 2020 looks and fees like moving forward on your path.

Thank you!

Once you watch this replay, please take a moment and fill out this post-event survey. It takes 3 minutes. This was an inspiring session.  I am grateful to have had a chance to connect and align with those of you who showed up and hope that if you are watching REPLAY, you are able to get great value from this session and pure inspiration.