You are Invited To Return To The Magic Of Who You Are

Your true nature is under the mask. It is the sacred energy life that created you in the first place.

“The mind can never understand what the heart knows” – Narayani Gaia

Q: Why am I alive on Earth right now?

A: You are here to learn about life and the nature of things. You are here to evolve your soul along-side other humans into our potential – together. This world is made of light. You have the birthright to know the truth and a sacred responsibility to do something about it.  You are not just a piece of what is happening, you are an integral thread of consciousness in form in this body at this time and are here to remember that.

You are not who you think you are.

You are made of energy.

We all are.

We are of the stars.

But you have been taught to ignore your energy, hold on to the stories of separation from the past, ignore what you feel and that once you manifest money and a certain relationship or an ideal weight, you will be happy. You have been lied to…